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Documents, Lectures and other talks 
by John Jowett

This is a collection of links and references to documents written by me (either as principal author or as a co-author) that it is happens to be easy to make available on the Web. It is here for my personal reference but others are welcome to use it.  There are also links to lists of older writings that are not available electronically.
20 March 1999:  there are no longer any Postscript links here!  And more older papers (some going back as far as 1985 ...) are now available in PDF format.
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Recent SL notes CERN Yellow Reports Technical notes
 Lectures and talks for non-specialists Lectures and talks for accelerator specialists Miscellaneous
LHC Project Notes Beam Physics Notes

Lists from Library Databases

Library databases such as the CERN Scientific Information Service (in particular HEPDOC  and Alice) can provide lists of my papers. The following links are to saved copies of such lists. In fact, I have never found one source that finds all of my writings so the following lists overlap and probably still don't include everything.

The pages from SPIRES at SLAC contain links to the text of some documents, usually in a scanned form, that can be found on various library servers.

A list of 25 recent papers and reports from SPIRES (saved 4/2/97)

Another 50 older papers and reports from SPIRES (saved 4/2/97)

A list from KISS at KEK with some links to scanned copies.

A list of recent SL Division documents (includes SL Divisional Reports, SL MD Notes, SL Notes, etc.written since around 1991). List compiled 12/5/97.

A list of older SL and LEP Division documents (includes older LEP Notes, LEP Theory Notes, etc. up to around 1991).

Generate a CERN Library Catalogue listing of my papers (does not include everything).

Lectures and talks for non-specialists

Lectures and talks for accelerator specialists

Published papers on accelerator physics

Recent papers (the format is indicated in green where it is not HTML):

  • Realistic Prediction of Dynamic Aperture and Optics Performance for LEP A paper presented at the 1999 Particle Accelerator Conference, New York City, 29 March - 2 April 1999.
  • The Dynamic Aperture of LEP at High Energy (PDF), A paper presented at the European Particle Accelerator Conference, Sitges, Barcelona, 10-14 June 1996. If you were not at the conference you can also have a look at our Poster Page 1 (67 kB PDF) and Poster Page 2 (66 kB PDF).  This paper was a follow-on from the following:
  • Particle Dynamics in LEP at Very High Energy(1.5 MB PDF)
  • A paper presented at the European Particle Accelerator Conference, London 1994. This is in colour too.
  • Some old papers now available electronically.:

  • Commissioning and Operation of the LEP Pretzel Scheme (0.16MB PDF) presented at the Particle Accelerator Conference, Washington DC, 1993.
  • Introductory Statistical Mechanics for Electron Storage Rings, SLAC Summer School lectures 1985 (available from SLAC as high quality PDF from scan, 109 pages, 8.4 MB).
  • Does the Transition to Chaos Determine the Dynamic Aperture?, Lake Louise Conference 1986 (from SLAC, scanned PDF version 425 kB).
  • Bunch Length and Impedance Measurements in SPEAR at EPAC 88.
  • Workshop contributions

    Here are a few recent contributions (the format is indicated in green where it is not HTML):

    LHC Project Notes

    LHC Project Note 179, Collision Schedules and Bunch Filling Schemes in the LHC and associated Web page with animations and full technical background.

    Recent CERN SL Notes

    CERN Reports ("Yellow Reports")

    These are mostly collective efforts where I was a member of a working group.

    Beam Physics Notes

    This is a new series of unofficial notes circulated within our group, started in October 1998.  Several of mine are connected with the Madtomma applications for the LHC and are available from there.
  • Beam Physics Note 10, Effects of the sextupole configuration on the performance of the (102°,90°) optics in LEP
  • Technical notes

    These are probably only of interest to people working here on LEP.
    The dispfit.rex program
    This is for fitting dispersion and orbits at the interaction points in LEP. This is the HTML version of CERN SL Note 95-76 (AP).
    RF Voltage Distribution in LEP with MAD
    A MAD utility for summarising the distribution of RF voltage around the LEP ring. This is the HTML version of CERN SL Note 96-29 (AP).
    Beam Size, Emittance and Optical Functions in LEP,  SL Note 96-38 (AP).
    This is concerned with the relations between measured beam size and emittance in LEP


    SL Performance Committee

    I was secretary of the SL Performance Committee during 1994-95. Here is an archive of the notes of the meetings that I wrote during that time.

    Last updated: 2/3/98 - I need to add several things ....
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