Some further references on LHC proton-nucleus collisions

Workshop on Proton-Nucleus Collisions at the LHC (CERN, 2005)

The LHC as a Proton-Nucleus Collider, presented at EPAC2006 by J.M. Jowett, C. Carli
view our poster  or the paper (published on the JaCoW site).

 LHC Lead Ion Beam Commissioning

First proton-nucleus collisions in the LHC- the p-Pb pilot physics run (CERN-ATS-Note-2012-094 MD)

Workshop on proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC (06-10 May 2013)

LHC status talk at 113th LHCC Meeting OPEN Session (13-14 March 2013)

Chromatic effects and their correction in off-momentum operation of the LHC for p-Pb collisions - CERN Document Server

Heavy Ions in 2012 and the Programme up to 2022 - CERN Document Server (Chamonix workshop 2012)

Workshop pA@LHC (04-8 June 2012)

Optics, crossing angle and aperture in p-Pb physics conditions in the LHC - CERN Document Server

p-Pb Feasibility Test and Modifications of LHC Sequence and Interlocking - CERN Document Server

ALICE spectrometer polarity reversal - CERN Document Server

Talk: Prospects for the LHC heavy-ion programme in the coming decade at EPS-HEP2011, Grenoble, July 2011


Talk: Heavy Ions in 2011 and Beyond and paper at the LHC Performance Workshop, Chamonix, January 2011